The Galop system is an equestrian teaching method established by the French Equestrian Association. It is a complete equestrian learning system to ensure our clients to receive training of the followingsafety instruction, riding techniques and personal development. The system covers the whole range of equestrian learning ,which includes 3 aspects: horseback training, off-riding training, equestrian theory and horse care.

       Features: Galop training system not only focuses on riding techniques, it supports the riders with all knowledge and skills related to horse riding. Through this Galop training program, riders are able to receive: horseback training. There are 30 FEA registered courses available, all of which are designed to provide you with multiple choices and help you enjoy the training process. These courses also include three official Olympic disciplines: dressage, eventing, and jumping.Off-riding training: A good rider is not only good at riding but also knows how to handle and communicate with your horse. Many activities and techniques are provided at our club to help you get right techniques of how to get along with your horse and the right way to walk your horse. Equestrian Theory: We have theoretical training program to help riders get good knowledge of horses. The lessons are designed to include each horse and rider from beginner to upper level with different themes and in step-by-step style. We try to help you understand the behavior of horses and how to get good control of your horse. Also include in the  lessons are horseback travel, horse-based communication with disabilities, people with autism or other difficulties, equine anatomy, general disease treatment, nutrition, techniques and methods etc.

Advantages of Galop training: For physical benefits: Galop Equestrian training system helps lean your back and abdominal muscles in a gentle and regulated style, a perfect weight loss solutions for fitness lovers. Activities are mostly taken outdoors in beautiful nature where you can breathe the freshest air. The GALOP system is also helpful in developing kids’ kinesthetic sense and athletic strength. For psychological benefits: The horse riding helps improve mental fitness of all ages. For example, it provides a healthy activity where you can go outdoors, get some fresh air and enjoy nature, and release you from virtual, scientific and technological environment. For self-realization and personal development: By coping problems occurred during equestrian sporting and training process, it helps riders to face their fears, get control of their emotions and build confidence by achieving success. By this practice, it helps riders improve their working performance and capable of handling different situations. The system also helps improve intelligence. Many studies have proven that being close to animal helps with concentration and sharp one’s instinct. Through horse riding, riders’ confidence grows as they learn to manage and love the horses. They also acquire a sense of responsibility and commitment through their interaction with the horses and understand the importance of teamwork with others. For Social effect: The horse riding also has social significance since it delivers many key values, such as respect (to animals and people), learning attitude, patience, perseverance and endeavor. Beside individual lessons, our horse riding allows group and families enjoy great time riding together. It is a great sport for social integration and helps ease the physical and mental stress of the disabled group. GALOP system not only provides you riding and off-riding skills but also covers full range of related knowledge of the industry, horse and horse care. Different from domestic equestrian training method, this French training system focuses on delivering the lessons in a more interesting way. We especially designed many group programs and games for training beginners.


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