In Western world, the very refection of equestrianism culture is the knight philosophy: knight spirit and morality. It symbolizes the fame, etiquette, humility, perseverance, loyalty, pride and piety, a noble upper class culture based on individual superiority in morality and personality. Equestrianism also inherited some positive martial spirits of ancient Western Europe which are now the gentleman and nobility charm. The best example of horse culture is the one in England. Horse industry and horse culture in England have profound background of more than three hundred years of history, which has gained worldwide attraction and has become one of the key industry in England. Horse industry also made major contributions to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, especially in bioengineering, veterinary and other disciplines related to horse industry. In England, Equestrianism is also a nationwide entertainment that carried on the traditional gentleman style and nobility feature and becomes an inseparable part of British horse culture. England is also the birthplace of modern equestrianism.

     In equestrianism, because the human body is closely attached to the horse, each movement made requires perfect combination of each other. This is a kind of soul communication. Coordination between man and horse plays a very important role in this sport and it is the ultimate goal of this sport. It combines luxury and fitness perfectly together where you can enjoy the top world-class of exquisite life enjoyment.


     Equestrianism is not only a representative of noble and high-end living style, it can train your body in an unique way. It makes you healthy with a handsome body shape.

Equestrianism is a sport that involves all body movement. You may feel your whole body aches after first riding. Don’t worry, that is exactly how it works to help you exercise. All your bones, muscles and organs are motivated with the movement of horse. It burns out your extra body fat, enhance all your muscles and ultimately improves your health condition.


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