Horse training at Rider Partner International Equestrian Club is offered at our beautiful facility of supreme industrial quality and Olympic arena craftsmanship. Padding in the site is a unique blend of polyester chips and fiber made by famous Germany producer (Boettcher). With high resilience but not too deep, strong dynamics but not too hard, our padding dramatically enhances the safety and performance of both horses and riders. Great moisture function withstands all weather condition and guarantees a quick recover 30 minutes after a storm.

We equipped our indoor training room with supreme safety fences. All fences are made quality wood of arched form, with top and bottom concavely crafted and middle section bent outward, the maximum anti-shocking effect is delivered. All these designs are specifically crafted for the safety of our clients and horses.

The horse stables are equipped with professional Warendorf luminaries (German) to kill bacteria and improve healthy condition. The luminaries are especially useful for drying horse after it takes a bath in winter. It supports to relax horses’ muscles and stay in good muscle condition. Even if you ride it right away, no strains will happen.  

We especially make every detail extremely safe for kids. We have automatic body sensor door in our track field to ensure a safe entrance of kids and ensure them free of any hurt.


       Bar and Kitchen at our club are clean and elegant provide you with incredible choices of exquisite food. You will definitely get refreshed by having a delicious meal after riding. Our lounge area offers a separate shower and washroom to offer you the most comfortable relax. Stables are tidy and clean, available for kids to get close touch with ponies and other horses. Saddles and helmets are all imported articles of supreme quality. The outfit not only protects your safety but also makes you cool!



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Address:Beijing Tongzhou District Songzhuang Town Village village 300 meters West Telephone:010-69595691 Beijing ICP B No. 18033591-1 power by kbyun.com

Beijing ICP B No. 18033591-1 power by kbyun.com

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